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Profit From an ROI-Based Approach to People Management and Engagement

The Return on Investment
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The Engagement Agency helps turn human capital and employee, distributiuon partner and related engagement efforts into profit centers through time-tested processes supported by ISO 30414 human capital managaement and ISO 10018 quality people management standards issued over the last few years. 

The Engagement Agency is designed for organizations looking for new areas of wealth creation without an investment or ways to reduce people costs in a way that actually improves both performance and experiences.  We are one of the few organizations in human resources, sales, and marketing that focuses on using the latest return-on-investment-based processes to improve the ROI of traditional sales and non-sales incentive and recognition programs, distribution channel partner engagement efforts, and other stakeholder engagement efforts.

CEOs and CFOs value the ability to establish clear human capital management plans and scorecards that improve performance and experiences by apply a strategic and systematic approach that often aligns practices and improves efficiency and measurability. Many realize that it's now possible to develop measurable learning, communication, incentive, recognition, and loyalty programs and that it's now time to assess the ROI: only 20% of companies have a clear human capital management and measurement strategy or measure the ROI of human resources expenses.

Management in sales, marketing, human resources and operations appreicate our expertise in assessing and designing traditional tools used to engage people--including incentives, recognition, loyalty, communications, learning and more using time-test, easy-to-implement methodology offering a clear ROI for top management. 

Should the program require third-party services such as technology communications, learning, human capital analytics, knowledge management, etc., we use a transparent managed outsourcing process to find precisely the right solution for your needs and budget on a completely transparent basis.

The Return on Investment

Organizations come to the Engagement Agency with concrete needs to:

  • Create more wealth from current human capital investments in a measurable way. 
  • Take advantage of the ability to use digital engagement platforms to lay a pipeline into the hearts and minds of every stakeholder via their smart phones in a highly measurable and efficient way. 
  • Enhance traditional benefits, incentive, recognition, loyalty, safety, or other strategies and tactics with no clear ROI. 
  • Achieve core sales, marketing, fundraising or other organizational goals and objectives through better design of initiatives.
  • Increase customer retention and willingness to recommend or donate. Attract and retain high achieving distribution partners and talent by addressing their key levers of engagement.
  • Improve quality, service, safety and well-being through programs that promote the actions necessary to achieve results. 
  • Foster continuous improvement, innovation and collaboration.
  • Increase productivity and experiences at the same time. 

Organizations collectively may spend up to $1 trillion a year in various tactics to achieve these goals, including marketing, compensation, human resources, benefits, etc., and yet both employee engagement and general customer satisfaction have not budged in decades, based on research from Gallup and the American Customer Satisfaction Association. ISO 10018 can do for Quality People Management what ISO 9001 has done for Quality Process Management.

Engagement Agency Services

  • Human capital management and reporting strategies to enhance performance and experiences and eliminate unnecessary costs, including compliance with new Securities and Exchanges Commission disclosure requirements.
  • Design and implementation of digital engagement strategies that align learning, communications, and rewards, etc, with organizational goals with measurable results.
  • Assessment of current engagement practices for effectiveness and ROI. 
  • Design of new engagement processes for the entire organization to foster brand cohesiveness and promise delivery, or for sales and non-sales employees, customers or patients, distribution and supply chain partners, or any stakeholder.
  • Training for management, operations, sales and marketing.
  • A complete support program for solution providers seeking to enter the field of engagement. 

Engagement Agency Supporters 

The following organizations contribute to the methodologies provided by the Engagement Agency and are among the growing number of solution providers that the Engagement Agency and its partners bring to for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations worldwide.

Founding Supporter


Harnassing the power of inspiration

Leading Supporters

bcat—The brand alignment and culture toolkit. 

FireLight Group—Fuels the behaviors that power results. 

LowerMyShowCosts—High-impact, agile exhibits right for our times.

MaritzCX—Customer experience software, research, and solutions.

Marketing InnovatorsMaking the human connection.

Travel & Transport Loyalty—Creative and effective loyalty solutions.


Hinda Incentives—Global incentive, loyalty and engagement solutions with the only ISO 10018 certified Enterprise Engagement  technology. 

Motivaction—A performance improvement company delivering employee engagement, sales incentive, meeting and event programs.

Transcend EngagementEmployee relationship management (ERM) software to do for employee engagement what customer relationship platforms do for customers. 


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