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The Tools You Need From the Leading Experts

Whether your organization needs to rebrand and re-engage its stakeholders, address a tactical sales, marketing, productivity, quality, safety or wellness objective, or address the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting directive on stakeholder management, the Engagement Agency starts by applying the latest research on Enterprise Engagement supported by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) human capital standards to help organizations develop an effective, seamless and measurable solution.

Like an agency, we bring our clients the tools they need to power their brands through the people critial to success by coming the power of digitalization and the alignment of traditional engagement tools to enhance performance, lower costs, and improve experiences. 

The process starts with a gap analysis to develop a game plan to better achieve goals through people. Critical today is having a digital pipeline into the smart phones of your stakeholders through which you can integrate and align all the different tools to engage, equip, and measure performance. Next in importance is creating a strategy and measurable implementation process that takes into account the interests and needs of all stakeholders and aligns their focus on the goals and the actions required to achieve them. Like quality management, these processes save money by aligning and measuring processes that frequently get siloed and go unmeasured. 

The Engagement Agency is similar to ad agencies in that it provides a defined framework for implementing an engagement or broader human capital program, no matter what the business objectives or audience. While there are some similarities in their approach, The Engagement Agency deploys an entirely different set of tools and comes out business development and relationships from a much different standpoint based on building measurable one-to-one relationships. Here are the tools of employed by an Engagement Agency:


Program Design

The Engagement Agency uses Enterprise Engagement best practices developed over the course of 12 years supported by the ISO 30414 human capital management and ISO 10018 quality people management standards to apply a systematic process to what is often a reactive, ad-hoc approach at many organizations to people engagement. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to help organizations and professionals address the stakeholder orientation of the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive addressing the interests of all stakeholders. Whether working on a strategic human capital strategy or redesigning current engagement efforts, we collaborate with your management team to clarify the mission, values, goals and objectives, as well as the audience involved. We identify what individuals can do to contribute to goals and potential opportunities or obstacles within or outside the organization that can affect the outcome. Organizational values come in to play by creating an overall framework employees can refer to when having to make a decision about a problem that falls into a gray zone in terms of the best way to approach it. If the organization’s values state that the customer is always right, that might help make a decision that might otherwise cost money to an organization.

Engagement Tools

The Engagement Agency works with a growing community of engagement solution providers many of whom are listed on our sister company's digital marketplace to help organizations address specific challenges. 

  • Business operating systems to run your organization better.
  • Brand and culture definition and alignment to get and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Assessment and feedback to continually gauge engagement and solicit feedback and suggestions.
  • Communications--(digital, print, virtual, video, face to face, etc., to continually inform and tell your story.
  • Collaboration and innovation to crowd-source innovation from all your stakeholders.
  • Learning that supports the tasks people need to deliver internal or external customer satisfaction
  • Knowledge management to make sure your organization catalogs and makes accessible the fruits of its brain trust.
  • Loyalty strategies that encourage incremental effort or purchases and willingness to recommend.
  • Job design to optimize employee involvement and interest.
  • Recognition to power appreciation for actions that align with organizational values and objectives.
  • Rewards, gifting, promotions, and corporate amenities selectively using brands to tell your story. 
  • Diversity and inclusion strategies that enhance engagement, retention, and sales. 
  • Engagement technology to connect all stakeholders on a one-to-one basis.
  • Human capital management, metrics, and reporting to make better decisions and address stakeholder demands.
  • ROI measurement of human capital as well as engagement efforts. 
  • And more


The Engagement Agency provides high, level consultants certified in Enterprise Engagement to help your organization conduct the necessary research and/or conversations within the organization or among customers to identify the levers of opportunity. This includes identifying the correct mix of communications, learning, collaboration and innovation, rewards and recognition, etc., needed to achieve the goals. The result of this process is a written strategic plan outlining the mission, goals, and objectives, and the mix of tactics to be deployed either by the organization or The Engagement Agency.

Managed Outsourcing Partners

While the Engagement Agency will always act on the best interests of each client based on their needs, including trying to leverage legacy technology when possible, these companies have invested in elevating their practices to meet the growing demand for program design, return-on-investment measurement, support of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, and educating their teams.

EGR Internationalprobably the first agency serving large corporations to focus on an enterprise approach to engagement, i.e., the process of engaging different types of stakeholders and the technology required to manage 365-degree engagement processes. It can provide fully integrated engagement solutions across the enterprise to address different types of audience, with a special focus on communications, from face-to-face to digital.




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