We Help You Achieve Organizational Goals and ROI Through a Systemic Approach to People, Engagement, and Process Design

Who Can Benefit

  • CEOs and CFOs of organizations seeking to enhance performance from a strategic human capital management plan with meaningful scorecards for internal and external reporting and decision-making and to comply with US and international human capital disclosure requirements.
  • Organizations or professionals who must address compliance with the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting directive, which will require tens of thousands of US and potentially a million or more organizations worldwide to disclose how their workforce management practices as well as those of their supply chain and distribution partners, as well as address the interests of their customers, distribution partners, and communities.
  • Management seeking to benefit from an ROI-based approach to their Total Rewards strategies or to the programs used to engage and recognize sales and non-sales employees, customers, distribution partners or any stakeholders to help achieve organizational goals.
  • Middle-level managers in sales, marketing, human resources, operations, community engagement seeking to bring more systematic, ROI-based solutions to senior management.
  • Human resources management seeking to make a business case for their activities to senior management.
  • Solution providers in all areas of engagement seeking to broaden their services and value proposition.
Click here to learn about the Engagement Agency's unique Human Capital Reporting service for public, private equity, and other companies that are required to make disclosures on their human capital practices; benefit from our unique expertise in Stakeholder Management and Stakeholder Engagement. 
Our "gig" approach provides exceptional value and ROI. Rather than running up your hours with full-time employees, we draw upon highly experienced experts steeped in a strategic and systematic process you can measure. In certain cases, our fees can be based on gainsharing of agreed upon performance. You only pay for what you need. 

Our Solutions

Profit from more efficient and measurable ways to increase sales, profits, productivity, quality, service, safety, wellness, and more. We help organizations improve results and enhance stakeholder experiences by transforming the money they spend in employee benefits, recognition, incentives, and other tools into an investment with a clear return on investment. Human capital is the last bastion of wealth creation. Whether a client needs to develop a strategic 360-degree brand or make a multi-touch digital connection to the hearts and minds of every stakeholder using the right software, or simply to achieve a clear ROI from their incentive, recognition or other programs to enhance sales, productivity, quality, service, referrals, safety, wellness, etc., the Engagement Agency is unique in its ability to provide performance and experience enhancing strategies that reduce costs and provide a clear ROI.
We offer strategic and tactical help with human capital management and reporting strategies, design of effective and measurable engagement strategies, and managed outsourcing of all types of engagement products to ensure effective alignment with other processes and ROI measurement.
Only about 20% of companies have a human capital management strategy with clear scorecards to drive strategy, nor a formal model for measuring the ROI of the almost 50% of costs allocated to employees and marketing.
Using a strategy proven by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. The Engagement Agency was founded by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at TheEEA.org, launched in 2008 and the world's first and only only educational and certification organization focusing on engagement across the enterprise and provides training geared for senior management, sales and marketing, and operations.The Engagement Agency improves the ROI of people management with lower costs and more measurable ROI by applying a strategic and systematic approach supported by ISO 30414 human capital and ISO 10018 quality people management standards with ROI built into everything we do. These are the same principles that have transformed quality management throughout the world.
The best way to evaluate us is to have a complimentary 60- 90-minute strategy session with one of our senior advisors your leadership in which you bring us a critical people challenge (under an NDA as required), and we'll show you on the fly how the process is used to create a solution. Using the time-tested ISO approach, you'll know by the end of the meeting if an how you can benefit from a strategic approach to addressing your challenge or opportunity.

Strategic Services

  • The Engagement Agency advisory service offers employers and engagement solution-providers the strategic and tactical framework, and all the business practices, training and services they need to increase the performance of their organization and the experiences of all stakeholders. Our approach aligns with the general principles of the fast-growing Stakeholder Capitalism movement.
  • We help CEOs and boards develop a strategic human capital management, measurement, and disclosure strategy, now required by the US Securities & Exchange Commission of all public companies registered in the US and also generally applicable to private equity companies, meaning over 10,000 companies. 
  • Using cost- and time-saving processes perfected by hundreds of thousands of ISO certified companies, we apply a formal approach to the learning, communication, recognition, reward and multiple other tools used to engage people, supported by a digital platform and  ISO 30414 human capital management and ISO 10018 quality people management practices and measurement tools. 
  • We help organizations create and implement a strategic or “enterprise” brand that unites customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors and communities, or can implement measurable, ROI-based engagement processes based on your organizational goals and digital capabilities. 
  • The Engagement Agency helps any size organization create effective human capital management strategies and scorecards to achieve organizational objectives with greater efficiency and lower risk.
  • We help organizations assess and redesign if necessary the tactics used to measurably engage customers, patients, donors and other constituents; sales and non-sales employees; customers, distribution and supply chain partners, and communities, including such programs as incentives, loyalty, commmunications, learning, diversity and inclusion, innovation, gifting or just about any method used to engage people. 
  • We help organizations develop and implement a strategic or “enterprise” brand that unites customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors and communities through a facilitated approach supported by a unique software solution provided by BCat, an Engagement Agency solution partner.


Tactical Support

  • We assess and/or design and implement engagement efforts for sales and non-sales employees; customers; distribution and supply chain partners, or any type of stakeholder in the for-profit, not-for-profit, and government domains. 
  • We help assess and select if necessary the digital solution that can be used to connect with and engage each stakeholder via their smart phones. 
  • We transform traditional budgets for recognition, incentives, loyalty and related programs into profit centers by designing programs that achieve clear, measurable results, whiling lowering costs and improving both the results and stakeholder experience. 
  • We take the ‘warm and fuzzy’ out of engagement by identifying the specific tactics—communication, learning, gamification, innovation, collaboration, rewards & recognition—best suited to achieve measurable goals and making sure they're aligned.
  • We are experts in the emerging area of “content marketing,”— i.e., using useful information to inform and build trust--story telling and dialoging instead of selling. 
  • The Engagement Agency provides all types of engagement solution-providers and their clients in the for-profit and non-profit sectors a complete set of tools to bring engagement solutions to their clients supported by the Engagement Agency as needed.
A profit-center focus. We transform traditional budgets for benefits, recognition, incentives, loyalty and related programs into profit centers by designing programs that achieve clear, measurable results, and can lower costs while improving both the results and stakeholder experience. We take the ‘warm and fuzzy’ out of engagement by identifying the specific tactics—communication, learning, gamification, innovation, collaboration, rewards & recognition—best suited to achieve measurable goals.
All solutions are zero-based with pay-for-performance components. While the Engagement Agency offers a wide range of solutions through its agency model, it has no specific technology, learning program, communications, rewards or other service that it must sell as part of a solution if your organization already has one that it wishes to use. Because our processes have clear goals in terms of inspiring actions and results, we include a pay-for-performance in most programs.
The Engagement Agency is a new type of agency focused on strategy and ROI. We use research-based practices that take traditional branding, loyalty, incentive, recognition and other marketing and human resources programs to the next level by addressing all the elements required to connect behavior to results. The Engagement Agency doesn’t sell advertising, promotion, incentives, communication, loyalty, websites, or recognition programs. We help engagement solution-providers and their clients profit from engagement by helping to develop formal, measurable engagement strategies and identify precisely the right tactics, solutions, and ROI measures for each program.
Industry partners. The Engagement Agency’s services are sold through designated and trained affiliates in marketing and management consulting, incentive, recognition, loyalty and other types of promotional or consulting companies seeking to bring formal, ROI-based engagement solutions to their clients. 
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