A board and management advisory service provided in the US and UK by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance's Engagement Agency and by Four C Group Management Consulting in the European Union. 


Strategic Stakeholder Management


Your No. 1 Source for Value Creation and Enhanced Profitability Through People Using a Proven Stakeholder Focus


Designed and delivered by world-recognized leaders in stakeholder management and human capital metrics and reporting, the Strategic Stakeholder Management business plan development services use the same CEO-led strategic and systematic approach to enhance people performance that transformed quality in manufacturing—with minimal investment in time, money, or disruption and offering highly measurable bottom-line results.


If yours is like 90% of companies, your profitability and stakeholder experiences can be sustainably enhanced using practical, easy-to-employ processes and enterprise engagement technologies proven to enhance efficiency, productivity, quality and engagement using a transparent open-source process easily understood by stakeholders.


This program helps organizations profit from the "S" of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).  It is uniquely designed to help organizations address and potentially benefit from the new European Union Corporate Sustainabilty Reporting standards which will require potentially one million or more organizations worldwide to disclose their workforce management practices and those of their supply chain and distribution partners as well as how they address the interests of their customers, distribution partners, and communities. 


Service Highlights


1. Strategic Stakeholder Management Business Plan Development to Enhance Performance and Experiences—A 30-day, inclusive process that measurably enhances employee, customer, and channel partner retention, referrals, and experiences by reestablishing your organization’s purpose, values, goals, and objectives across the enterprise and by providing an actionable, measurable business plan created by your own team to achieve those goals more efficiently and with higher quality. This can include information on the new EU Corporate Sustainabilty Reporting directive.


2. Strategic Stakeholder Management Business Plan Implementation to Guide You Through the Process and Train Your Team—Strategically timed assistance with implementation of the plan by facilitating specific update meetings including all relevant business managers to monitor progress and identify challenges or opportunities and potential solutions, using what’s known as a Business Operating system that saves time and reduces organizational fire drills.


3. Managed Outsourcing for Engagement Technology, Services, and Total Rewards to Save You Time and Ensure Alignment--We help organizations find the right solution partners in all areas of engagement, including Enterprise Engagement, recognition, and loyalty technologies and professional services in talent recruiting; culture; assessment and feedback; communications in all media including face to face and three dimensional promotional products, incentives and rewards; social recognition; loyalty, job design; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) ; gifting, human capital analytics, etc.


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Organizations Need Us When They Recognize They Must Address New European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting directive requirements or When…

  • You’re successful but know you’re leaving value and profits on the table as a result of sub-par engagement of employees, customers, distribution and supply chain partners; i.e, they don’t share your passion for the organization’s purpose and goals.
  • You want a business plan that builds a consensus and keeps people on track rather hampered by dissention and competition for resources. 
  • You’re falling short of goals because of lack of purpose, vision, and operational alignment.
  • You know you have a lot of people waste and even a sub-par culture but can’t measure it and don’t wish to deal with disruptive change management.
  • You have heard about human capital or stakeholder management and seek to learn more about applying simple stakeholder metrics that can start you on the path to sustainable performance with bottom-line benefits and enhanced stakeholder experiences.
  • You seek a practical, open-source solution to better manage your people assets with a clear return on investment measured in profitability, greater efficiency, and better stakeholder experiences.
  • You are seeking to buy or sell a company, or are a private equity or venture capital firm seeking to create more value and sustainable earnings through more strategic people management. 


What Sets Us Apart

  • Unparalleled expertise of our people in stakeholder management and human capital metrics and reporting.
  • We address all stakeholders in a holistic way to create enhanced alignment and performance, rather than falling into the silo trap that impedes optimal efficiency, performance, and stakeholder experiences.
  • A complete focus on ROI and measurable reporting tied to earnings and other key agreed-upon metrics, including DEI. 
  • The application of a totally proven process used worldwide in manufacturing but by almost nobody else in people management, along with the optional ability to obtain an  ISO 30414 certification for use in your marketing, recruiting, or investor and community relations.
  • The unique ability to help you rapidly identify on a transparent, managed outsourcing basis firms with Enterprise Engagement technologies and other types of services enabling organizations to fully integrate and align their communications, assessment, social recognition, rewards, wellness, safety, and more on a single platform with the same efficiency Customer Relationship Management software has brought to sales.
  • Ability to serve both international and small local organizations.
  • Our dedication to training other types of professionals and advisory firms in these processes because there is no way we can serve the enormous demand for a more efficient path to profitability through people.
  • We are not wed to any particular engagement solution. We serve transparently as your managed outsourced expert in this space to find you the right solutions mostly likely to provide an integrated, aligned solution.  


How We Deliver Value


1. Strategic Stakeholder Management Business Plan Development

The deliverable: a formal business plan developed within as little as 30 days through the active involvement of your team that aligns the strategies of all your key departments toward a common stated purpose, goals, and objectives. The business plan sets the stage for enhanced profitability and stakeholder experiences through greater involvement, communication, efficiency, focus, DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion), wellness and safety; all in conformance with the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting directive.

  • We help organizations address the root cause of sub-par stakeholder engagement, turnover, and unwillingness to refer overlooked by the top consulting firms through a strategic process that actively involves key representatives of all the stakeholder groups involved in order to build a consensus-based solution. 
  • We enhance your results by strategically aligning your purpose and the interests of your employees, customers, and other stakeholders by involving them in the process of pinpointing a meaningful purpose; the organization’s story and unique selling proposition, and how to better align the interests of all stakeholders, both internal and external, through greater alignment and less siloes.
  • We help set up clear human capital metrics including all stakeholders that can be monitored quarterly and in some cases more frequently that can have a direct impact and earnings and even help forecast turnover, all in conformity with the EU Corporate Responsibility Reporting directive.


2. Strategic Stakeholder Management Business Plan Implementation

The deliverable: Enhanced probabilities of measurable first-year success through a non-intrusive guidance process that ensures your business plan implementation stays on track; continually looks for challenges and opportunities in the metrics, and helps with program measurement and prescriptive analytics. Based on an organization's internal capabilities, the service can include training for an internal facilitator to carry on the process in future years.

  • We help you significantly enhance efficiency by breaking down the siloes and consolidating on to a single platform the key ways you communicate with, assess, inform, create community, recognize, reward your communities to keep them focused on key values, behaviors, and goals. 
  • We use a method proven through decades of use in manufacturing that aligns what most organizations are already doing in an ad hoc way through a strategic and systematic plan, starting with a simple, inclusive design process, and implemented in a way that enhances experiences both for internal and external stakeholders by minimizing fire drills and other distractions. 
  • We provide expert managed outsourcing of communications, learning, assessment, enterprise engagement technology, job design, and other services with professionals trained to address people management in a strategic way.


3. Managed Outsourcing for Engagement Technologies and Services

The deliverables: A highly strategic and transparent service that helps organizations identify, compare, and select the right techologies and engagement services from the hundreds of solution providers in all areas of the market. Click here to gain an idea of the large amount of options we help you sort through to find the right solutions in all areas of engagement in a way that aligns with your organization's purpose, business plan, tactical needs and budget. 


Offering Unparalleled Expertise


Bruce Bolger, Founder, Enterprise Engagement Alliance at TheEEA.org, and principal of one of the first organizations to utilize ISO 30414 Human Capital and ISO 10018 People Engagement standards.

Dr. Heiko Mauterer, Board Member, Four C Group Management Consulting, and a member of the working group that created the ISO 30414 human capital standard.

Todd Hanson, President, Catalyst Performance Group, a leader in business operating systems and return-on-investment measurement. 

The Engagement Agency's roster of Senior Advisors includes experts in all areas of stakeholder capital management, tactical implementation and analytics based on an organization's specific needs.


Through our ESM at EnterpriseEngagement.org online publication, we are dedicated to sharing with the world the practices, research, case studies, organizations, and people focused on apply a more strategic and holistic approach to people management, increasingly known as Stakeholder Capitalism, enhancing returns for investors by creating value for customers, employees, distribution and supply chain partners, communities, and the environment. 

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