The Engagement Agency provides mergers and acquisitions and business brokerage services for:

•    Companies in all aspects of the engagement and broader human capital field.
•    Any business that seeks a formal process for factoring human capital into a sale or acquisition.

The Engagement Agency is one of the first mergers and acquisition groups focusing specifically on the engagement and human capital space. The emergence of engagement; the need to better integrate engagement tactics to provide clients with a full-service solution, and the importance of measuring human capital opportunity and risks in mergers and acquisitions, have created the need for a new type of mergers, acquisitions, and business brokerage business.

Based on the extensive experience of Engagement Agency principals in the engagement and broader human capital field and their knowledge of many of the players, The Engagement Agency has teamed up with Michael Mazer, an experienced investment banker who has worked with Engagement Agency principals over the last eight years, to provide advisory services to a separate Engagement Agency M&A Group. Mazer is registered with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), having obtained his Series 79 licenses, and is affiliated with W. G. Nielsen & Co., a registered broker/dealer, member FINRA and SIPC.

Mazer brings high-quality expertise and advisory services to both buyers and sellers seeking to profit from the emergence of the engagement field or who wish to either maximize the value of their human capital to potential buyers and/or identify buyers with similar values. The Engagement Agency group also provides advisory services to buyers and sellers on human capital measurement dashboards and valuation processes that can predict risks or opportunities in a sale or acquisition.

Throughout every stage of the working relationship, Mazer devotes the personal attention and detailed focus needed in the process. He knows how important it is to understand not only the financial value of a property being marketed, but also the client’s additional goals, if any, for the specific transaction. Our services are uniquely suited to sellers who care about the nature of the companies they are selling to in terms of how they value and treat people. 

At the same time, The Engagement Agency’s principals have unparalleled relationships and reach in the expanding area of engagement and human capital management and measurement, including companies specializing in coaching, assessment, communications, learning, collaboration, rewards & recognition, incentives, technology, analytics, etc.

We utilize readily available databases to benchmark human capital management metrics that can predict future sales and profitability overlooked by traditional forecasting measures. In addition, we can apply unique human capital valuation analytics overseen by traditional valuation experts.

The Engagement Agency M&A Group is built on a core commitment: to obtain maximum value and optimal terms for our clients’ businesses or assets by taking into account the often overlooked human capital factor.

Our Approach

Our merger, acquisition and financing services are based on an integrated approach that includes these key elements.

Pre-Sales Support

Objective, confidential analysis of the seller’s financial and non-financial issues, including human capital factors. While selling price is usually the most important factor in a transaction, a client may have significant concerns about non-financial considerations and terms, including protection of their people. The Engagement Agency M&A Group engages in detailed discussions with our clients to identify these concerns before mapping out a marketing or acquisition strategy for the business. These can include the development of human capital dashboards that can actually predict future earning performance using people factors overlooked by most companies, as well as human capital valution proactices that can predict future earnings trends, opportunities, and risks. Our long history of working with independent companies and experience in the engagement and human capital space enables us to intimately understand the concerns of owners and offer helpful advice and strategy for ensuring positive outcomes.

Teaming with clients about how to best market their property. While our clients have considerable knowledge of their part of the engagement space or of the importance of their investments in human capital, they may not have access to the latest trends and opportunities in this emerging field. While much of the transactional activity in this space is not public, we provide insights to help sellers enhance their valuations.

Marketing Your Company or Assets

Effective sales presentations. We will develop a compelling sales presentation (via an online data room) that will highlight your company’s business and prospects, while providing the necessary information for buyers to make informed bids. We know how to highlight the people factors that can predict more sustainable long-term performance for your organization.

Targeted Marketing to the Most Likely Buyers. The Engagement Agency has extensive knowledge of the players in the engagement space due to our extensive experience and related media properties. We use databases to identify companies that may have similar values to those of the seller and that would be more likely to value an investment in people.

Closing the Sale

Negotiate to obtain positive outcomes. Mazer has a track record of negotiating effectively on behalf of clients, usually sellers, and assisting with any contractual issues that arise during the process. We are familiar with industry legal standards and will work with your attorneys to ensure your interests are addressed in contracts.

Help arrange debt and equity financing for cash flow-based businesses. Mazer Telecom’s principals can identify sources of financing (equity and debt) and create a professional presentation to obtain financing at the most favorable terms.

About Michael Mazer

Michael Mazer

Michael MazerMichael Mazer, Managing Director for Telecommunications and Engagement for W.G. Nielsen & Co., Denver, a boutique mergers and acquisition firm, has been an active investment banker for more than 25 years.  Since 1993, Michael has represented dozens of companies selling their businesses. He has worked closely with the principals of The Engagement Agency on multiple consulting projects in the engagement space since 2008. Prior to creating his own firm, Mazer held various management posts in media, marketing and financial management at TIME Magazine, HBO and Credit Suisse Group, all based in New York City. Mazer graduated from Yale University with a BA degree in Administrative Science.  

Securities are offered through W.G. Nielsen & Co., member FINRA and SIPC.  Mazer holds his Series 79 license.

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