To address the need for an ROI- and economic-based approach to human capital management in hospitals, including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and the potential contribution of such practices to performance, the Engagement Agency has launched a new service in alliance with Dr. Hieu Bui, a practicing radiologist, to help the health care industry cope with the growing surge in turnover. 

The new service helps health care advisory firms and health care systems that see human capital management and DEI as a business opportunity and as an investment to enhance organizational results, including the recruitment and retention of talent and their willingness to recommend other talent and also potential customers for walk-in and elective procedures. 

Dr. Hieu Bui, a radiologist, data analytics and technology advisor, is a Senior Advisor to the practice. As a Fellow of the American College of Health Care Executives, Dr. Bui is passionate about the need to address the challenge of engagement, recruitment, and retention in health care

As part of its affiliation with Dr. Bui, the Engagement Agency will offer health care clients:

•    A strategic and systematic framework for baking human capital management, including DEI, into the culture of an organization with a clear ROI using the same approach that was so successful in enhancing quality in manufacturing. 
•    Optimization of hospital performance by embedding human capital management, measurement, and ROI of engagement into all people processes. 
•    A process for measuring the return-on-investment of people, including human capital and DEI investments.
•    Assistance with developing meaningful human capital disclosures for internal and external consumption, including DEI. 
•    Managed outsourcing of engagement services and technologies to enhance human capital management and ROI of engagement, implementation, and measurement.

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