Management involved with engaging people have to be jacks of many trades -- from branding, culture, and communications to DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), innovation, and human capital analytics. In its quest to help organizations profit from the principles of Stakeholder Capitalism through an enterprise approach to engagement, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance is building a continually growing library of 30- to 60-minute panel discussions with experts at the front lines of implementing people-focused strategies.  Below is our latest library of shows. 

One of the impacts of the pandemic is the realization that terrific education can be available online 24/7 through a computer, smart phone or other device. The Enterprise Engagement Alliance Human Capital and Enterprise Engagement YouTube library provides the panel discussion learning format online to help management at all levels learn on a 24/7 basis about strategic and tactical issues related to engaging all stakeholders in a strategic, systematic, and measurable way. 

These programs are made possible by sponsors of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, including: EGR International (the founding sponsor), AugeoBCAT Brand Alignment, CarltonOneCatalyst Performance GroupCitizen Watch GroupCourageous BCCVEngagement.comFire Light GroupKudosLuxe IncentivesProsperBridgeTakPointsTalent Management EvolutionTranscend Engagement, and Travel & Transport Loyalty.

Strategic Sessions

1. Short Intro to the EEA "Essentials in Enterprise Engagement and Human Capital" Youtube Show. (6 minutes.) Click here.
2. Half-hour CEO Chat TV covers the essentials of Stakeholder Capitalism and Enterprise. Click here
3. Introduction to Stakeholder Capitalism...From Concept to Action. (30 minutes.) Click here.
4. Human Capital Materiality: What This Means for Every Organization. (60 minutes.) Click here.
5. Human Capital Management and Metrics and ROI of Engagement. (60 minutes.) 
6. Stakeholder Capitalism, Human Capital Management, and the Opportunity for HR With Dave Ulrich. (60 minutes.) Click here.
7. How to Educate the C-Suite on the Importance of Human Capital Management, Metrics, and Engagement. (60 minutes.) Click here.
8. Human Capital Management, Metrics, and the Emerging Role of the CFO. (60 minutes.) Click here.
9. Why Human Capital Reporting Will Become Required and What That Means. (30 minutes.)  Click here
10.CEO Chat on Stakeholder Capitalism and Enterprise Engagement. (30 minutes.) Click here.
11.Customer Experience Essentials: Why CX Is So Bad and What to Do About it. (30 minutes.) Click here.

Tactical Sessions 

1. EEA Certification Preparation—introductory course. (50 minutes.) Click here.
2. Business Operating Systems – The Perfect Prescription for a Better Business? (60 minutes.) Click here.
3. Advertising and Marketing in the Era of Authenticity. (60 minutes.) Click here
4. Strategic Culture: Beyond the Warm and Fuzzy. (60 minutes.)  Click here.
5. Sales Incentives Effective Design. (45 minutes.) Click here.
6. Sales Engagement Essentials: The Generational Shift Has Arrived. (30 minutes.) Click here.
7. Effective Employee Engagement Tactics. (40 minutes.) Click here.
8. Employee Engagement Essentials:  It Starts at The Top.  (40 minutes.) Click here
9. The Art of Brand Media, Experiences, and Surprise and Delight. (60 minutes.) Click here
10. The Role of Distributors in Brands and Engagement. (40 minutes.) Click here.
11. Motivational Event Update: Pandemic Spurs Big Changes in Group Travel. (40 minutes.) Click here.
12. Individual Travel Essentials: Surge Expected in Individual Incentive Travel. (40 minutes.) Click here.
13. The Power of Brands in Rewards, Recognition, and Gifting. (35 minutes.) Click here.
14. Essentials in Golf Incentives, Rewards, and Gifting. (35 minutes.) Click here.
15. Essentials in Total Rewards. (40 minutes.) Click here.
16. The ESG and Engagement Connection--"Moving From Social to Stakeholders". (40 minutes.) Click here.
17. Innovation Strategies—Moving From Nice to Have to Essential. (40 minutes.) Click here.
18. Enterprise Engagement Technology Essentials. (30 minutes.) Click here.
19. Brand Fulfillment Essentials. (40 minutes.) Click here.
20. Strategic Recognition—moving from tactic from strategic. (45 minutes.) Click here.

Engagement Solution Provider Profiles

An 24/7 online opportunity to learn about different types of practical solution providers as if you were talking with them at a trade show.

1. BCAT Brand Alignment: A process and assessment platform for building a consensus around a brand or culture of an organization or team in order to achieve better results.
2. Catalyst Peformance Group: A leader in the design and implementation of business operating systems to help CEOs more effectively manage their organizations.
3. ProsperBridge: A financial wellness and progress service that companies can offer to help employees to better manage financial goals and challenges and get more out of their company's employee benefit programs.

Rewards, Recognition, and Brand Media

1. CardNow 
2. Ugg
3. Weber  

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