This Engagement Agency service helps organizations benchmark their employee engagement assessment and feedback strategies and tactics against effective practices and, if necessary, identify the most appropriate solutions and implementation strategies. 

Despite spending an estimated $1 billion or more on employee engagement surveys each year, US companies as an aggregate have little to show for it. Gallup surveys of employee engagement have changed little over the last 10 years, with generally under 40% of Americans describing themselves as engaged at work.

•    Why do employee engagement surveys so frequently fail to achieve measurable results.
•    Organizations create the surveys without any connection to their strategic plan, purpose, or objectives.
•    The results take a while to process and little is done with it when the report is complete. 
•    Employees lose interest and response rates fall off.
•    Even if actionable, a lot of employee survey data is based on their perceptions rather than actual behaviors.

The Engagement Agency helps organizations take a strategic step back to evaluate their employee engagement strategies and tactics based on:

•    Alignment with the organization’s purpose and objectives.
•    Degree to which the information is based both on impressions and behaviors.
•    Level of digitalization.
•    Distribution and utilization of the findings. 
•    Degree of alignment with other efforts related to communications, learning, rewards, and recognition, and measurement.
•    Utilization of surveys and behavioral information to provide prescriptive analytics. 

The deliverables can include:

•    Creation of a formal employee engagement survey strategy with a clear ROI tied to organizational objectives and values.
•    Oversight of implementation and measurement.
•    Managed outsourcing of employee engagement and feedback technology or other engagement solutions. 

Senior Advisors

Oliver Rueth. (Employee Assessment and Engagement.)  Oliver contributes expertise in Human Capital management consulting, with extensive experise in employee engagement assessment and advisory services. As Senitor Principal Consultant, he led Hay Group's US market operations (now Korn Ferry) for over 10 years. He partners with leaders on strategy, organizational development, and thought leadership around employee effectiveness to build cultures of excellence. Rueth assists the Engagement Agency and clients with advisory services in managed outsourcing of engagement solutions with a specialty in employee engagement. He ensures that information gained from employee engagement surveys is turned into actionable plans. Oliver is currently Managing Director of Sol Management Consulting. 

Kevin Sheridan. (Employee Assessment and Engagement.) An internationally recognized keynote speaker, a New York Times best-selling author, and a sought-after voice on the topic of employee engagement, Kevin provides advisory services to the Engagement Agency’s clients on the selection and use of appropriate assessment and feedback tools to implement a strategic, measurable approach to achieving goals through employee engagement. In addition, he provides advisory services to senior management on employee engagement and assessment strategies, training for management, and keynote speaking. He is author of "Building a Magnetic Culture" and "The Virtual Manager."


Best Practices in Assessing Employee Engagement
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Managed Outsourcing Partners

While the Engagement Agency always act in the best interests of each client based on their needs, including trying to leverage legacy technology and other practices when possible, these companies have invested in elevating their capabilities to meet the growing demand for program design, return-on-investment measurement, support of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, and educating their teams on the principles of Enterprise Engagement.

Courageous Business Culture, which provides a process it calls Engagement Made Simple for mapping the motivational path of each individual to find the right fit from the start and to better guide the employee journey based on addressing mutual needs along the way.

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