The Enterprise Engagement Alliance at has created an interactive program for chambers of commerce and business organizations that provide education programs for CEOs, CFOs, boards, and management at all levels. The highly interactive program is ideal for live video or event formats. The event can address the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting requirements that will require potentiall one million or more organizations to disclose their workforce management practices and those of their supply chain and distribution partners, as well as address the interests of customers, distribution partners, and communities.

What People Are Saying
“Bruce Bolger is a powerhouse speaker who will provide a breadth of experience and impactful content to any audience.  Bruce presented at a Virtual CEO Roundtable for our Greater Manchester Chamber and the attendee feedback was glowing!  CEO participants learned about Stakeholder Capitalism and Employee Engagement – not only the what, but more importantly the why and how - and they left inspired and empowered with first steps.  I highly recommend enlisting Bruce to share his expertise and wisdom with any group – it will be a decision you won’t regret.” --Heather McGrail, Director of Membership & Community Partnerships, Greater Manchester Chamber 

Event Recording:  (1) CEO Roundtable: Stakeholder Capitalism with speaker Bruce Bolger - YouTube

Event Descriptions
This virtual or live roundtable program is designed to connect, guide, and embolden business leaders.  In this interactive roundtable, you can expect to learn:
•    Why are the world’s leading companies agreeing to disclose metrics on how they treat their people and committing themselves to Stakeholder Capitalism—the creation of shareholder returns only by creating value for society—customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and the environment.
•    Why has employee engagement remained so low for so many years despite hundreds of billions spent on incentives, rewards, recognition, and other engagement efforts and what you can do about it?
•    What is Human Capital Management and the practices of Enterprise Engagement and what do these have to do with small- to medium-size businesses?
•    What types of people analytics can any size company use to make better decisions related to increasing sales and profits and enhancing employees and customer experiences?
•    What tools are available now to get started enhancing your organization’s performance through people?
•    Why organizations need to address their supply chains as well as their customers and employees.
•    What are Corporate Responsibility Reports and what do they have to do with your business?
•    Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion should become profit centers. 

During the breakouts, participants are invited to discuss:
•    The extent to which people are critical to the success of their organizations?
•    What talent or customer engagement challenges are their companies facing and what are they doing to address them?
•    What they are currently doing to manage and measure engagement efforts for sales and non-sales employees, customers, and other critical stakeholders?

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