This Engagement Agency service helps organizations benchmark their sales engagement strategies and tactics against effective practices and, if necessary, identify the most appropriate solutions and implementation strategies. 

Organizations spend considerable sums on sales recruitment, engagement, training, and incentives, and yet the goal of achieving high levels of sales engagement remains an ongoing challenge.

Changing marketplaces, recruitment and turnover challenges, the increasing difficulty involved with getting through to new prospects, the knowledge required to effectively sell, and the wide variety of skills involved with effective selling, complicates the lives of almost sales manager. 

Many organizations employ multiple sales engagement tactics, including commissions; incentives such as merchandise and travel awards; coaching and training, often with no clear return-on-investment, often because organizations feel it’s difficult to measure specifically what tactics provide the best result. 

In fact, they are right, because research and common sense support the premise that it requires a combination of leadership, recruitment, coaching and training, ongoing communications, assessment and feedback, mentoring and sharing, tangible rewards and recognition, and effective program design to move not only the top 20% but the middle-60% to help sustainably achieve your goals.

The Engagement Agency helps organizations take a strategic step back to evaluate sales engagement efforts in terms of:

•    Alignment with the organization’s purpose and objectives.
•    Degree to which the sales team is achieving your brand’s potential.
•    Return-on-investment and other measures of current expenditures.
•    Degree of alignment of communications, learning, rewards, and recognition, and measurement Effectiveness of digital engagement via smart phones with owners and their personnel.
•    Utilization of surveys and behavioral information to provide prescriptive analytics as to what precisely is needed to increase sales in a sustainable and measurable way.

The deliverables can include:

•    Creation of a formal sales engagement with a clear ROI tied to organizational objectives and values.
•    Oversight of overall implementation and measurement.
•    Managed outsourcing of channel engagement technology or other engagement solutions. 

Senior Advisor

Paul Donehue 
President, Paul Charles Associations, a leading advisory service for sales and channel engagement.


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Managed Outsourcing Partners

While the Engagement Agency always acts in the best interests of each client based on their needs, including trying to leverage legacy technology and other practices when possible, these companies have invested in elevating their capabilities to meet the growing demand for program design, return-on-investment measurement, support of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, and educating their teams on the principles of Enterprise Engagement.

EGR International, probably the first agency serving large corporations to focus on an enterprise approach to engagement, i.e., the process of engaging different types of stakeholders and the technology required to manage 365-degree engagement processes. It can provide fully integrated engagement solutions across the enterprise to address different types of audience, with a special focus on communications, from face-to-face to digital.

Augeo, an agency focused on supporting Enterprise Engagement, including employee and customer engagement, with the only ISO 10018 certified Enterprise Engagement technology to support engagement across the enterprise. It provides a variety of tactical engagement tools, including the ability to provide face-to-face and hybrid engagement programs and other digital solutions. 

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