The Engagement Agency

The Engagement Agency is creating a growing network of engagement solution-providers working together to bring the latest engagement resources to their clients and to help businesses, not-for-profit and government institutions achieve greater results through a systematic approach to engagement.
The Engagement Agency is the first advisory service designed to help employers profit from ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards and certification, and to support quality consultants, auditors and engagement solution-providers bring the benefits of these standards to their clients.
Because the ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 standards and the field of Enterprise Engagement are so new, many companies and solution-providers aren’t aware of all the solutions or opportunities in the field. The Engagement Agency is designed to help employers and solution-providers conduct a gap analysis, develop a formal strategy and connect them with the resources they need to accomplish their goals. Our clients include corporations, not-for-profits and government organizations seeking engagement solutions, as well as a growing number of engagement solution-providers to meet their specific needs.
Engagement Agency partners consist of a growing number of specialists in all areas of engagement, including full-service agencies and specialists in coaching, learning, survey and assessment, communications, innovation, collaboration, gamification, technology, analytics and other areas of engagement – all dedicated to bringing formal engagement solutions to their clients. 
We are trained in the framework and implementation process of engagement, supported when desired by a national team of experts selected specifically based on client needs and resources. All of the Engagement Agency’s solutions are designed solely to address the needs of end-user clients. We offer no “pre-packaged” solution other than an engagement framework already available at no cost from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at, upon which our methodologies are based.
Engagement Agency partners receive advanced training in business development, consulting, and other support services specifically related to clients’ needs, including help with mergers and acquisitions. We work with solution providers in all aspects of engagement, from assessment and coaching to learning and communications (including digital, web, face-to-face, etc.), as well as innovation and collaboration, rewards and recognition, analytics, etc. 
The ultimate goal is to help organizations seeking to profit from engagement align all of the tactical tools needed to engage people to achieve measurable results.

Bruce Bolger, President
Bolger has over 25 years of experience related to the engagement field through the unique perspective of both a business journalist and consultant to hundreds of companies and as head of several research and education organizations in the area of engagement. He is a past president of what is today known as the Incentive Research Foundation; founder of the Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement at Northwestern University and later of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance education and outreach organization, and author of two educational programs on incentive program design that included a process that also addressed all of the key levers of engagement, including communications, learning, and measurement.

Chief Consultants:  
Practitioner and Solution Provider Development

Ira Ozer and Paul Donehue have built their careers helping both corporate practitioners and solution providers profit from engagement by identifying the right strategies and tactics for their specific needs and/or opportunities.

Ira Ozer has made a career of building a network of experts in all areas of engagement to provide organizations the specific solutions they need. He became involved with the Enterprise Engagement Alliance upon its formation in 2007 by helping to assemble the original team of faculty who helped contribute the foundation to the research-based framework for profiting from engagement. He is a Certified Professional of Incentive Management (CPIM) and Certified Engagement Practitioner of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. Ira has received the Certified Recognition Professional (CRP) designation from the Recognition Professionals International (RPI) and is a Certified Innovation Trainer from SolutionPeople, one of the leading innovation training companies.

Paul Donehue has made a life's study out of working with and motivating people. His background in sales and sales management has spanned three decades, during which he's held the positions of Retail Sales Associate & Store Manager, Field Sales Representative, Sales Manager, and Vice President of Sales. As President of Paul Charles & Associates, Paul consults with business owners and senior level managers to help establish and implement the most effective sales, business development and sales management strategies. He regularly conducts training and coaching programs, and has spoken at many corporate and association events.


The CA Short Company Employee Engagement Solutions
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Fire Light Group
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St. Louis, Mo.

Paul Charles Associates
Nashua, NH

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