The Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s Engagement Agency is singularly focused on helping each organization find the best way to optimize performance through its sales and non-sales employees, customers, channel and distribution partners, volunteers, and all stakeholders, using proven, research-based, and simple solutions to drive sustainable performance based on your needs. 

We bring over 30 years of research and program design experience with deep relationships with leaders in all areas of engagement products and services to help you find the right strategy, design and solution providers if necessary for your organization—based on achieving clear, measurable tangible and intangible goals. 

We help companies of all sizes:
1. Get informed on the latest science and return-on-investment of employee engagement strategies through one-on-one meetings or group presentations and dialogs, as well as broader human capital management, measurement, and reporting issues.
2. Conduct a gap analysis of current engagement and reporting practices in sales and non-sales employees, channel partners, or other stakeholders to determine potential opportunities for improvement and return-on-investment both in terms of performance and stakeholder experiences.
3. Evaluate the potential role of technology in achieving your organization’s engagement goals more effectively, seamlessly, and measurably. 
4. Program strategy, design, and oversight, including content and communications, ROI measurement, and reporting.
5. Based on the above evaluation, identify the smartest strategy, technologies, and/or other solution providers from culture and assessment to rewards and recognition and analytics, based on your needs. 
6. As necessary, provide managed outsourcing and ongoing oversight if required to identify and manage the best solution providers for your organization, provide recommendations for full-service solutions and multiple technologies and/or specialists in culture, assessment, rewards and recognition, human capital reporting, return-on-investment analysis, and more.

The Engagement Agency provides a complimentary one-hour evaluation session for qualified companies. 

Why the Engagement Agency

•    Few organizations in the world have executives more experienced in the field of employee engagement when it comes to actual experience, research, and demonstrated expertise. 
•    Our team leaders have in some cases 40 years of experience in actual practices, research, technology, program design, return-on-investment, and aspects of the business both as an advisor to companies and as a reporter on their activities for our media platforms.
•    You get precisely the solution for your needs. We do not have any investments in solutions that we’re trying to sell you. Through the gap analysis process, we identify the solution best-suited to your needs, including, if required, a selection of appropriate third-party solution providers.

Through its ESM media properties and EEXAdvisors marketplace, The Engagement Agency draws from an unequaled community of experts and solution providers already at least somewhat educated in a strategic approach to people management, implementation, and measurement. 

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