The Engagement Agency comes to market with a well-established framework, process and technology for helping organizations determine and implement the most effective ways to achieve goals through engagement. The implementation and framework is based on the research, curriculum and certification process of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a formal framework, process and return-on-investment for engagement based on a meta-analysis of 15 years of research on engagement and input from over 50 industry experts and academicians.

The Economic Justification

Companies with engaged customers, channel partners and employees almost always outperform their competitors with lower engagement levels in sales, market share and share price performance. Source: the Economics of Engagement, Enterprise Engagement Alliance at:

What Makes Us Different

The Engagement Agency takes a holistic approach to driving customer, channel partner, and employee behaviors – we go beyond carrots to address all of the elements that connect engagement to results. We follow a clear, research-based framework for assisting organizations achieve a pragmatic, measurable engagement strategy, rather than address an organization-wide initiative or a tactical goal within a small group. We deploy formal, research-based methodologies and technologies that can help any size organization benefit from the experience and expertise of our team members, who are often within driving distance.

A Formal Framework and Process

The Enterprise Engagement framework and process can be applied either at the strategic level across the organization or to address specific customer, channel partner loyalty, sales, customer service, internal branding, quality, productivity, wellness or safety issues. The framework provides a methodology for establishing clear goals and objectives; assessing the business landscape and audiences involved; determining and implementing the appropriate communications; learning; collaboration; rewards & recognition; and measurement strategies.

What Makes the Engagement Agency Unique

A focus on helping organizations of all sizes achieve specific objectives, whether with internal or external audiences, using the most appropriate combination of tactics for each situation. The Engagement Agency provides an engagement framework and portal technology platform that makes it possible for any size organization to profit from engagement.

Engagement Portal Technology

To support an integrated approach, The Engagement Agency provides a powerful engagement portal technology that gives organizations of almost any size the ability to rapidly launch low-cost, highly integrated programs that address all of the areas of engagement on a single platform. This engagement portal platform is unique in its ability to integrate with almost any other technology, including communication, social networking, gamification and collaboration tools. Organizations can now easily assemble a fully integrated engagement approach to be utilized for as many programs as they wish, with a single log-in experience and the ability to consolidate points and rewards on single platform for ultimate control.

Target Market: Organizations with 100-Plus Customers/Employees/Volunteers/Donors

By drawing on a formal framework and a highly flexible low-cost set of technologies, The Engagement Agency intends to bring actionable, measurable engagement solutions to the more than 150,000 U.S. businesses with 100 or more employees, and the even higher number with 100 or more customers, all of whom can benefit from engagement.

Senior Level Program Planning and Project Management

The Engagement Agency offers clients the most efficient solution by providing a project management infrastructure focused exclusively on engagement and supported by a team of specialists in all areas of engagement, including communication, learning, innovation, incentives, motivational events, merchandise and promotion. The Engagement Agency will draw upon the core competencies of agency experts so that companies can reduce the number of vendors they deal with without having to pay the high fixed overhead costs of traditional solutions. For more information, call (855) 502-3558, or e-mail