New agency model applies a 21st-Century approach to improving performance and profits through engagement

An alliance of leading marketing, incentive and motivational-event companies announces the formation of The Engagement Agency to provide full-service engagement solutions to businesses and organizations. Companies with engaged customers, channel partners and employees achieve better sales, market share and share price performance than competitors with lower engagement levels.* The launch of The Engagement Agency addresses the increasing importance and awareness of the emerging field of engagement, focusing on implementing engagement best practices for performance improvement, organization-wide. The Engagement Agency’s methodology embodies a well-established framework including a formal assessment for establishing clear objectives, a best practices process; and a highly configurable technology for helping organizations determine and implement the most effective ways to achieve goals through engagement. This approach reaches out to the middle 60% of customers, distribution partners, and employees often overlooked by traditional motivational approaches while not forgetting the top 20% of those respective audiences. The framework is based on the research, curriculum and certification process of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, based on a meta-analysis of 15 years of research on engagement and input from over 50 industry experts and academicians. Advantages of this methodology include rapid deployment, cost effectiveness and a quantitative return-on-investment analysis.

The Engagement Agency founders are:

Sandra Daniel

President of FIRE Light Group, a Madison, WI-based performance improvement and motivational event company. Daniel says that “The Internet and social-networking have put power into the hands of customers and employees in a way that is unprecedented. Organizations that seek to optimize their performance now know that engagement is key; many simply need a formal, proven framework and solution.”

Colin Higgins and Carolyn Hoffman

Co-Founders of Concord, MA-based Performance Enhancement Incentives. Notes Hoffman: “Companies of all sizes need help integrating all of the different ways to connect engagement with results.” Higgins adds that “Technology has now made it possible for organizations to build one-to-one relationships with far more of their audience, not just the top 20%” The Engagement Agency functions much like an advertising agency, in that agency strategists work with clients to develop a targeted plan to help organizations achieve their goals whether it be to improve sales, customer loyalty, channel partner commitment, employee productivity, quality, wellness, innovation or collaboration across the organization. To support an integrated approach, The Engagement Agency provides a powerful engagement portal technology that gives organizations of almost any size the ability to rapidly launch cost effective, highly integrated programs that address all of the areas of engagement on a single platform. This engagement portal platform is unique in its ability to integrate with almost any other technology, including communication, social networking, gamification and collaboration tools. Organizations can now easily assemble a fully integrated engagement approach to be utilized for as many programs as they wish, with a single log-in experience and the ability to consolidate points and rewards on a single platform for ultimate control and ROI evaluation. The Engagement Agency is creating a limited number of exclusive territory licenses to provide local support throughout North America and Europe. For more information on improving performance, call 855-502-3558, or e-mail *Source: the Economics of Engagement, Enterprise Engagement Alliance at: