What We Do
You’ll see what sets us apart the very first time you speak with us.

Whether your company is a solution provider seeking to bring engagement solutions to clients, or a corporation seeking to understand how to apply formal engagement strategies to achieve key goals, we start by listening.

We don’t sell. We learn, think and share. The goal is to identify the best way to achieve your goals, whether at the strategic branding level to create greater organizational alignment, or at the tactical level to achieve specific organizational goals related to customer loyalty, sales, employee productivity, quality, wellness, or more.

For qualified organizations, we begin with a complimentary one-hour consulting session with one of our senior program planners that gives your organization a taste of our approach. Out of that comes a written, top-line overview of findings and potential recommendations. This is of course subject to further review should you proceed with our services. Before we try to present you anything, we listen to your needs, challenges, issues, objectives, etc. and engage in a collaborative process to help determine the scope of the solution and if and how we can help. At the very least, you’ll get is a valuable learning opportunity to look at your business objectives in a fresh way. The Engagement Agency systematically addresses all of the levers of Engagement so you don’t have to hire and manage multiple assessment, communication, learning, reward and technology providers to achieve your program goals.

A Zero-Based Approach

The Engagement Agency takes a fresh approach to age-old challenges related to customer and channel partner loyalty, sales and customer service, internal branding, employee productivity, quality, safety and wellness by looking at all of the factors that can affect the outcome and all of the ways to measure results.

Engagement Involves:

  • An enterprise brand, culture, clear mission, goals, and objectives.
  • Assessment
  • Communication
  • Learning
  • Innovation and Collaboration
  • Recognition
  • Rewards
  • Measurement

Like an advertising agency, we start with understanding your specific objectives and audience and what you need to do to drive the behaviors that will lead to success. We provide a systematic, easy-to- deploy framework and implementation process with built-in return-on-investment measurements using the latest program design science. We then deploy the specific solutions that make sense for your strategic and tactical needs.

A Formal Implementation Framework and Process to Facilitate Action

The Engagement Agency’s methodologies and technology are anchored in extensive research and a formal curriculum independently developed by an organization known as the Enterprise Engagement Alliance to help organizations increase sales, service, quality, productivity, safety, wellness and other goals whose success depends on the engagement of key audiences. While traditional loyalty, incentive and recognition companies focus on selling tactics, The Engagement Agency sells solutions. We deploy an easy-to-understand framework and methodology for identifying the best ways to achieve your goals, whether through better communication, enhanced knowledge, improved collaboration, or recognition & rewards that address all of the factors required to achieve your goal.

Types of Programs

We apply the latest Engagement principals to the following types of audiences and applications:

Strategic Branding
  • Identifying a brand proposition that is universal to all of your external and internal audiences.
  • Executive and front-line management coaching.
  • Employee engagement assessment and feedback.
Customer Engagement
  • Relationship building and loyalty programs
  • Referrals
  • Crowd-sourcing (collaboration and innovation)
  • Quick start efforts to achieve short-term goals
Channel Partner Engagement
  • Relationship-building and loyalty
  • Channel partner field sales development
  • Targeted campaigns to hit specific goals
  • Innovation
Sales Force Engagement
  • Incentive campaigns that address all the drivers of success
  • Carefully designed programs to drive specific results or actions
  • Foster a positive, goal-driven atmosphere
  • Equip people with the tools for success
Employee Engagement
  • Connect employees to the brand in a way that promotes success
  • Foster innovation and collaboration
  • Achieve productivity and quality goals
  • Maximize external or internal customer service
  • Achieve wellness goals
  • Generate employee referrals
Other Audiences

The Engagement Agency can employ these strategies for not-for-profit audiences, vendors, and community engagement efforts.

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