A New Type of Agency to Help You Achieve Your Goals
  • The Engagement Agency addresses all of the ways you can translate the performance of your people into clear results, starting with effective program design with clear return-on-investment measures.
  • The Engagement Agency provides all types of engagement solution providers and their clients in the for-profit and non-profit sectors a complete set of tools to profit from engagement to achieve critical organizational goals.
  • We transform traditional budgets for recognition, incentives, loyalty, and related programs into profit centers by designing programs that achieve clear, measurable results.
  • We take the ‘warm and fuzzy’ out of Engagement by identifying the specific tactics—communication, learning, gamification, innovation, collaboration, rewards & recognition—best suited to achieve measurable goals.
  • We help organizations develop and implement a strategic or “enterprise” brand that unites customers, distribution partners, employees, vendors, and communities.
  • We are experts in the emerging area of “content marketing,” i.e., using useful information to inform and build trust, instead of just selling.
  • The Engagement Agency’s services are sold through designated marketing and management consulting firms; incentive, recognition, loyalty and other types of promotional or consulting companies seeking to bring formal, ROI-based engagement solutions to their clients. The Engagement Agency has seen first-hand that a key to success for corporations seeking to embark on engagement is to make that journey supported by people who already understand their needs and culture.
  • All solutions are zero-based: while the Engagement Agency offers a wide range of solutions through its agency model, it has no specific technology, learning program, communications, rewards or other service that it has to sell as part of a solution if your organization already has one that it wishes to use.

The Engagement Agency is a new type of agency whose research-based practices take traditional branding, loyalty, incentive, recognition and other marketing and human resources programs to the next level by addressing all of the elements required to connect behavior to results. The Engagement Agency doesn’t sell advertising, promotions, incentives, communication, loyalty, websites, or recognition programs. We help engagement solution providers and their clients profit from engagement by helping to develop formal, measurable engagement strategies and identify precisely the right tactics and solutions for each program.

We help solution providers and their clients enhance: 

  • Customer relationships
  • Loyalty
  • Referrals
  • Channel partner performance
  • Sales
  • Employee productivity and quality
  • Wellness
  • Internal branding
  • Volunteer or donor commitment

The Engagement Agency employs a 21st century research-based framework that provides a zero-based approach to achieving almost any goal through people in a scientific way. We make it easy to implement via our unique Engagement Portal technology that facilitates rapid deployment and measurable results based on a specific Engagement strategy. We focus on providing the tactics most suited to your goals, organizational culture and budget. We can help organizations take a fresh look at their brand to unite the entire organization; implement top-level and front-line management training and coaching sessions, and regularly assess engagement.

We can function as a full-service agency or provide specific Engagement solutions from technology to rewards.

The Engagement Agency was founded by leaders in the incentive, loyalty, communication and recognition fields with over 75 years of combined management experience who believe clients can benefit from a fresh approach to performance improvement that focuses on selling solutions, not incentives, rewards and recognition.

Our Approach
  • We provide engagement solution providers and their clients a roadmap and solutions for addressing business goals through Engagement, including:
  • A free introductory consultation and high-level report to help organizations understand the new engagement field and if and how their organization can profit from it.
  • A formal research-based framework and implementation process for developing engagement programs that help organizations identify the best combination of strategy, tactics and return-on-investment measures.
  • Training and support on program design, selling, and marketing.
  • The ability to provide a fresh new approach to branding that fosters better results through better alignment of expectations and efforts.
  • The identification and implementation of the most effective communication and content marketing strategies, including digital, print, mobile or face-to-face, based on your audience, budget and potential return-on-investment.
  • Help with identifying leadership coaching, assessment, analytics, communications, learning, rewards and recognition, innovation, technology and other tools to achieve specific objectives.
Why ‘The Engagement Agency’

Extensive research confirms that it requires more than any one tactic—communication, learning, rewards, etc. -- to achieve goals. The Engagement Agency provides a framework and technology tools that make it easier to address all of the levers of Engagement in a way that yields the best possible results.

The Engagement Agency focuses specifically on helping organizations achieve sales, service, quality, wellness and other goals by addressing communications, learning, collaboration, recognition, rewards and other elements critical to achieving measurable results.

We take a zero-based approach to achieving your objectives.

We address Engagement the same way that a great advertising agency looks at marketing—we examine all of the drivers that help you connect Engagement to your goals from the bottom up, and focus on the practical solutions most likely to yield the desired results. We start with strategy and program design, and then provide a clear implementation plan based on your opportunities and budget.

The Engagement Agency provides a proven framework that brings the advantages of strategic branding of an Engagement strategy to almost any size company by focusing resources on efforts that have the best chance of making a difference. By providing an open-source technology with highly configurable modules for assessment, communications, learning, collaboration and rewards & recognition, we make it easy to get started quickly, do it right and achieve measure results.

Few agencies have a team of experts with more experience in content marketing. Our content development team has years of experience as business and leisure writers for leading business and consumer media and book publishers.

The good news is that Engagement strategies are highly efficient and cost much less than traditional external or internal marketing programs because they focus specifically on identifying audiences that can deliver for your organization.

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