To address the need for an ROI- and economic-based approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and the potential contribution of such practices to shareholder value, the Engagement Agency has launched a new service in alliance with OMNIResearch Group, an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment research firm that specializes in DEI. 

The new service will help organizations that view DEI as a business opportunity and an investment to enhance organizational results, in addition to a corporate social responsibility. 

OMNIResearch Group’s efforts are headed by Dorien Nunez and Eric Darrisaw, who have championed a business approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for years.

DiversityWorking with the Engagement Agency, the Omniresearch Group will bring to its organizational and investment clients various services to turn DEI into a profit center funded through lower recruitment, retention, and turnover costs, and larger customer and supply chain marketplaces. While the DEI community tends to view the process as a matter of racial equity, and therefore an issue to be addressed through charitable donations or Corporate Social Responsibility, this service focuses on DEI as a potential profit center that helps organizations include their markets for customers, talent, and supply chains, or work with communities to develop talent for their businesses. 

As part of its affiliation with OMNIResearch Group, the Engagement Agency will offer clients:
•    A strategic and systematic framework for baking DEI into the culture of an organization with a clear ROI using the same approach that was so successful in enhancing quality manufacturing. 
•    Enhancement of shareholder value by embedding DEI into human capital, sales, marketing, and operations to improve performance.
•    A process for measuring the return-on-investment of DEI investments. 
•    Assistance with developing meaningful human capital disclosures, including DEI. 
•    Guidance on using human capital and DEI metrics for investment purposes.
•    Managed outsourcing of services and engagement technologies to enhance DEI implementation and measurement.
•    Benchmarking of DEI disclosures versus financial indices and investor scorecards.

Dorien Nunez is a speaker, author, researcher, and Principal and Co-Founder of The OMNIResearch Group. OMNI is a research and consulting practice focusing on institutional investments, research, and emerging manager development for small-, women- and minority owned business enterprises. He is currently involved with expanding ESG research on the S&P 500 companies. He has taught as an adjunct professor at three universities and served as a delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business under President Bill Clinton, and as Consultant to the US Commission on Minority Business Development under President George H.W. Bush.

Eric Darrisaw is a Senior Consultant with the OMNIResearch Group and a securities industry expert with 30 years of experience advising institutional investors and shareholder advocacy groups on proxy voting, corporate governance, and diversity issues. During his career, Eric has developed fiduciary training programs and investment workshops for some of the nation's premier unions, African American civil rights, philanthropic, environmental and minority business organizations. Darrisaw is leading OMNIResearch Groups’ alliance with the EEA’s Engagement Agency to provide investors, corporations and organizations with Human Capital/‎DEI Advisory Services.

Managed Outsourcing Partners

The Enterprise Engagement managed outsourcing processes are supported by the following organizations committed to helping organizations profit fro a systematic and measurable approach to engagement across the enterprise:

TornEillis is a boutique human resources agency with a focus on connecting diversity and inclusion to organizational objectives. It aims to empower its partners’ talent through a comprehensive catalog of human capital solutions to ensure they effectively attract, nurture, and retain the most dynamic talent necessary to achieve their visions. 

Redwood Enterprises uses a collaborative business model to gain the benefits of scale and scope from a team of senior and executive level expertise designed to fit the unique needs and budget of our clients. Our extensive experience in diversity, quantitative and qualitative research, workforce development, civil rights and community-based organizing has bolstered it capabilities to help organizations address the return-on-investment of DEI. 

The National Minority Supplier Development Council is dedicated to helping organizations profit from developing more diverse supply chains.

DiverCity is a woman-owned marketing and communications agency specifically designed to bring serious support for Employee Resource Groups. 

While the Engagement Agency will always act on the best interests of each client based on their needs, these companies have invested in elevating their practices to meet the growing demand for a business-oriented approach to addressing DEI. 


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